STA Torino - Italy
STA  Torino - Italy

Our philosophy

Calder’s sculptures evoke an image of balance. STA rebuilds a possible Calder’s artwork as a graphic base for its site in order to represent its structure, which is not hierarchic but balanced on different competences and skills

What we do

STA offers its services to Strategic Planning and Creative Departments of large companies and public bodies.


STA brings its expertise in small and medium-sized enterprises through designers training and partnership formulas in design and production fields.

DESIGN - STA helds Design tasks through a methodological process involving two phases: the structural stage (planning and engineering) and the expressive one (creativity). The two phases aren't consequential but interactive. Each is translation and cultural transfer of the other. They are interdisciplinary and multi-professional and occur entirely in a computerized simulation. STA implements the physical model only in the final stage and the maquette doesn't affect the process of virtual designing.

STA puts a leading person (Chief Designer) at the head of the design process. He has the main job of “identifying the Leading Idea and also the Design Main Component”. These two key issues belong to the classical Italian design school.   

COMMUNICATION & VISUAL DESIGN - Communication is an independent area that has a great rilevance for tradition, skills, number of original works and prestigious customers. STA produces events and content to communicate goods and services preferring ways of expression related to new interactive media. STA is specialized in virtual simulation applied to exhibitions and museums, entertainment, product presentation and HR training.

R&D - Research is aimed to customer needs for tools improvement. The goal is the full performance of the engineering/creativity connection.


RESEARCH addresses the issues of design process performed in total virtuality. It deals with transforming physical and manual procedures in simulations. 

DEVELOPMENT translates the research into applications for the industry departments of Design and Engineering.

TRAINING - STA founding members are university professors of Industrial Design. They brought their own experience within STA and made it a company's department. It got several assignments in the vehicle field, television broadcasting, design and product communication.


In 2007, STA members founded ASTAD, a non-profit association for Design. It has the mission to achieve high-level training in the field of design.


ASTAD deals with TRAINING in DESIGN through the "learning by doing" formula. Astad conducts training on “real cases” related to goods and services production. Training takes place in the Astad's ATELIER. Training goes through the full Accounting – Strategic Planning – Creative Development cycle and provides basic elements for creating a BRAND and its products.

Students, young professionals and CEOs of small companies gain useful experience for three professional fields: 

  • design departments of large or medium-sized companies,
  • Public Administration departments dealing with public services and land registry,
  • freelance companies (Venture Capital).
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