STA from 1984

Luciano Salio - Anna Maria Talanti - Alda Adriano - teachers and researchers in Design and Communication at Politecnico di Torino University, founded the first STA company as a university spin-off in 1984.

Vision - the market of the seventies-nineties offers the first virtual tools to support design tasks inside styling centers and engineering departments of large manufacturing companies and communication ones. STA was confident that design will be fully computerized and perfectly virtualized over 20 years. STA saw itself as a promoter of this technological and methodological innovation and will do it as its own corporate mission.
Mission - STA had the aim to introduce virtual techniques and tools in large Design Centers.
Goals: reducing time to market, increasing the choice of style models and creating a situation of simultaneous engineering. Tools needed: methodological research and deep training for its own design staff and those of its customers.
Start - STA offers its Vision, Mission and Services to the world of transportation design (automotive, marine, rail and aero, etc..) and communication (television broadcasting, advertising, events, heritage). STA gets prestigious research and operational assignments. STA operates as a service company and, over the years, had approximately one hundred people as emplyees and freelances. They deal with creativity, engineering and SW.

Vision - STA reaches a new vision of its future development in 2007. Large companies customers of STA reached a good level in simultaneous develop processes while small and medium-sized companies are largely distant from this.
Mission - STA has the aim to bring its expertise to small and medium-sized enterprises through designers training and partnership formulas in designing and production of goods and services.
Start - STA chooses Korea as best area to start their new mission. Today STA is extending its action in some more Asian countries such as India, Vietnam, Singapore and others.

ASTAD from 2007

ASTAD (www.astad.it) is an Association that works in Italy with the aim to create international links in the design field. It is officially recognized by Italian Authorities.
In 2007, ASTAD built relationships with Korea, in particular with Universities and the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE).
Agreements with foreing authorities have a dual purpose:
1.   Educational goal: it is aimed at university students and recent graduates. Young people need to deal with the culture of Italian design and methodology through direct practice of designing. This under the leadership of an expert chief designer and visiting the wonderful Italian places relevant to the training program.
2.   Business goal: it is targeted at companies. CEOs are invited to participate in workshop sessions to create collaborative agreements in the design field and develop new projects for their business.